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Today we started our first group lesson of AK Golf Academy Junior golf program. For our first lesson we focused on putting practice and learned few of the rules and etiquette on the putting green to get ready for their tournaments.


Drill: To improve the speed on the putting green, we placed 3 golf balls from 15ft, 24ft, and 30ft. The players hit 3 balls from each station and they must 2 putt in order to move on the next station. Once they pass the 30ft, they can start again and try different distances.


Drill: To improve the direction on the putting green, we usually use a stick to aim where we want to roll the ball. The players make sure that the club face is moving along the stick, straight back and forth. After they do this drill for about 10 minutes, we move on the a different drill.

We chose to work on long distance putting (more than 30ft) and we used 5 balls. We placed a 2ft circle around the hole, the players try to roll and stop the ball all within a 2ft radius.












After their drill practice, we learned about different rules and etiquette on the putting green.


1- Using a sharpie, they marked their own ball to identify from other players.

2- Using a ball marker, they learned how to place the ball marker behind the ball.

3- They learned that the player who is further away from the hole goes first.

4- They learned that when someone else is putting, you have to remain calm and quiet. They can’t be standing too close or have their shadow close to the other player when they are putting.

5- They can’t step on the putting line, they learned to walk around the hole and around the ball.

6- When their ball marker is on someone else’s putting line, they learned that they can pick a non moving object ahead such as trees, branches, bag, building, etc. and move the ball marker 1 clubface either left or right.


At the end of lesson, they played putting competition to review what we learned today and to practice putting under pressure.


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