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Play like a champion

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Alexa Kim Golf Academy offers special promotions and packages to improve your game. Take advantage of Alexa’s special lessons by booking today!

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Specials and Promotions


Within Range junior summer camp is a fun program for kids ages 6-15 that is led by PGA of Canada Professionals. Participants learn athletic movements, etiquettes, and golf fundamentals including putting, chipping, pitching, iron play, and long game. On the final day, we will have awesome prizes, and fun celebration! Sign up now, space is limited!

– Monday to Friday 9:00am to 3:00pm sharp!
– Camps are led by PGA professionals Alexa Kim & Thomas Youn
– Fun and active programs: Dynamic warm-up, skills training, competition, rules & etiquette.
– The camp fee includes golf cap, t-shirt, and golf balls daily.
– Rental clubs are available upon request
Week 2: July 11-15
Week 3: July 18-22
Week 4: July 25-29
Week 5: August 8-12
Week 6: August 15-19
Week 7: August 22-26
Week 8: August 29- September 2

Location: Within Range Golf Centre
8111 Leslie St. Thornhill

Camp Fee: $340.00 plus HST ($384.20)

Feel free to contact Alexa 647-769-2414 or Thomas 416-455-1436 for further information or any questions

Due to the high schedule demand for Golf Clinics and Lessons at Within Range no early drop off or late child pick ups are available.


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